Frequently asked questions

Where are UKCZ Websites and email hosted?

In the UK? all our services are hosted, supported and managed from the UK!

How do i setup my email addresses and mailboxes?

When you sign up to our DIY or PRO packages you'll get access to a customer portal where you can easily create, amend and delete email accounts and get access to webmail or find details on how you setup your email client on your phone/tablet or computer

Can i get my email on my device?

Yes! you can get your business email on any device! not sure how to set this up see our setup guide that we emailed to you when you signed up! if you still need help hit our chat button and we're happy to assist

Where can i forward my 0844 number to?

Any UK phone number! note that diverts to a mobile may incur a charge

Can i buy a licence for Microsoft outlook from you?

Yes! some of our packages include a licence, however if you need more or dont have one let our team know and we'll talk you through the costs and how we can get you setup

Does UKCZ email work on Mac?

Yes! our email is universal and will work on any device

Does the DIY web builders have templates?

Yes! you'll have access to 10 easily configured websites you can use to speed up your go live! Dont think DIY is for you? see our pro packages

How quickly will i get my domain, email and website access?

On our DIY packages (Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold) - 2 working days On our PRO Packages - 2 working days for domain and email then our web designers will work with you to build your website and get you live as soon as we can usually this is around 7 working days.

Im stuck! how do i get help?

Just hit the chat button in the bottom corner we're here to help Monday to friday 9-5pm